WellBody Arts Classes ... are wellness-oriented movement classes, welcoming creativity and self-expression.  They are mostly based in somatic and/or conscious movement models, which strive to honour the body where it's at, inviting energetic as well as physical exploration.

Descriptions ...  

JoyfulMotion™ A conscious dance experience, inspired by music, story, sounding, laughter, silence, and all things potentially vibratory.  Move freely, sweat joyfully, float, spin, whirl and wander.  Befriend the body, and let go into relaxed facilitation of a variety of movement-oriented themes. 

WellBody Yoga A creative yoga practice, inviting self-expression, utilizing methods from a variety of yoga styles, breath & sound techniques, and somatic movement models.

Sound Nidra A guided, deep relaxation experience, in which we hold conscious awareness within a sleep-like state.  Complimented by the use of highly vibratory instruments, sacred chants, toning and creative imagery.  It's a regenerating practice that, over time, can train the body to respond more easefully to day-to-day stress. 

Somatic Movement (Continuum inspired)  A slow somatic movement practice, using sound, breath and intent, as an entry way into your own expression of fluid movement.  Explore unfurling, undulating, spiralling, suspending, lateralizing, lengthening, listening, resting and more. I have over a decade of experiencing direct teachings from Emilie Conrad (the pioneer of Continuum Movement), including an intensive Wellsprings Practitioner training.