WellBody Groove A conscious dance experience, inspired by music, story, sounding, laughter, silence, growling and all things potentially vibratory.  Move freely, sweat joyfully, float, spin, whirl and wander.  Befriend the body, and let go into a like-minded tribe of conscious dancers and movers!  Get centered, embodied, sweaty, sticky, happy, groovy, light, deep, loving and sweet!

WellBody Yoga A therapeutic movement practice, utilizing methods from a variety of yoga styles, breath techniques, ball-rolling practices and somatic movement models, including inspiration from Continuum Movement (as developed by Emilie Conrad) and SomaSoul techniques (as developed by Daniel Leven). Move slowly, appreciate sensation along the way, unload tissue holding, encourage natural breath and fluid movement.  Move, feel, breathe, slow down, unfurl, lengthen, lateralize, strengthen, listen, deepen, rest.

WellBody Nidra A guided, deep relaxation experience, in which we hold conscious awareness within a sleep-like state, complimented by the use of highly vibratory instruments, sacred chants and toning.  It's a regenerating practice that, over time, can train the body to respond more easefully to day-to-day stress.  Calm the mind, soothe the spirit, steady the nerves, relax the body and increase vitality.

WellBody Wave (Continuum inspired)  These classes share a blend of my own areas of movement teachings, along with inspiration from the field of Continuum.  Informed by intent, sound, perceptual states and sensory contemplation, expect to rest deeply into body awareness, stillness, suspension and fluid movement.  Each 3-part series is a somatic immersion into an exploration of a body-based theme.  I have over a decade of experiencing direct teachings from Emilie Conrad (the pioneer of Continuum Movement), including an intensive Wellsprings Practitioner training.