Massage Therapy is performed on a massage table, using oil directly on the skin. It utilizes kneading and sweeping strokes and various bodywork techniques, including deep tissue work, trigger point release, reflexology and subtle energy techniques.  It can support recovery from injury or strain, and also be used as a relaxation method to help relieve anxiety or stress.

Thai Yoga Massage is practiced on a floor mat in comfortable clothes, and involves passive stretching and palm/thumb pressure along fascial pathways and energy lines. It can feel like assisted yoga, with a primary aim to facilitate a sense of wholeness, increased energy, flexibility and balance within the body.

Vibrational Energy Therapy utilizes light touch and subtle energy techniques from a variety of modalities, including cranialsacral therapy, reiki, biodynamic energetics, Continuum Movement, Metamorphic Technique, sound frequency and chakra energy work.  It encourages the body's own wisdom and bio-intelligence to activate, facilitating healing and beneficial re-patterning.

Wellness Chats 
A 10-20 minute wellness chat is already a complementary addition to your session.  On occasion, you may feel like you need extra check-in time beyond that, to unravel a pattern that's showing up as a daily body challenge. Consider booking additional time for an extended wellness chat when needed, to allow for sharing, observation, awareness, tracking, reflection and resource collection.