I believe the body is absolutely brilliant. 

We all have the potential for ideal functional movement, fluidity and ease.  Our bio-intelligence prefers a state of wellness and continually attempts to achieve this, by sending us messages in various ways:  tight shoulders, unhappy feet, restless sleep, anxious breathing, numbness, and so on. 

Often, these are compensation patterns.  We've all been through various injuries, traumas, stressors, fixations, challenges, etc..  Compensation patterns are one way our bodies 'get through stuff'.  They are likely necessary at the time they develop - but soon become habit, long after they're needed, and then eventually what served us, becomes a limitation. 

I am skilled at noticing these patterns in posture, movement, breath, tissue nature, fluid rhythms and perceptual states.  Awareness is the key to encouraging change, releasing compensation and returning to ideal patterning.

Whatever your pursuit, artistic, academic, athletic, entrepreneurial, creative, mundane or other, let your body brilliance support you. 

Be curious.